Retail & Commercial Leasing

Whether the premises are commercial, industrial or retail and whether you are the landlord or the tenant, we have extensive expertise to advise you on all aspects of your leasing matters.  We have years of experience drafting and negotiating Leases.  It is best to involve us at the Lease negotiation stage so we can ensure that the Heads of Agreement, before you sign them, are drafted to accurately set out the key commercial terms of the Lease and protect your interests as landlord or tenant.

We can also assist you with other transactions involving Leases such as a variation of Lease, an assignment of Lease and other side agreements, such as incentive deeds.

As with all our matters, we adopt a practical and commercial approach to ensure we negotiate the best document for you, to suit your transaction and to protect your interests.

We can assist you with:

  • Preparation, negotiation and registration of leases and leasing related documents for landlords
  • Review and negotiation of leases and leasing related documents for tenants
  • Subleases
  • Assignment or Transfer of Lease
  • Variation of Lease
  • Surrender of Lease
  • Termination of Lease
  • Legal actions to recover rent
  • Leasing disputes and Court proceedings relating to leases
  • Relief against forfeiture