Insolvency & Bankruptcy Law

We advise individuals, all types of businesses, as well as insolvency practitioners on all aspects of corporate insolvency and personal bankruptcy laws.  We work with your accountant or financial adviser to give you strategic advice on how best to structure your business, financial and personal affairs to manage your risk.  We can advise you on particular bankruptcy or insolvency issues and we can represent you in any legal proceedings which may arise from a personal bankruptcy or corporate insolvency.

We can assist you with:

  • Advice on corporate insolvency, including:

    –   Voluntary Administration
    –   Deeds of Company Arrangement
    –   Liquidation
    –   Small Business Restructuring
  • Statutory Demands and winding up applications
  • Voidable transaction claims (e.g. unfair preference and uncommercial transactions)
  • Insolvent trading claims
  • Public examinations
  • Appointment or removal of administrators, liquidators or trustees in bankruptcy
  • Terminations of liquidation
  • Reinstatement of deregistered companies
  • Dealing with liquidators and trustees in bankruptcy
  • Advice on general bankruptcy
  • Commencing or defending bankruptcy proceedings
  • Annulment or discharge of bankruptcy