Debt Recovery

We have extensive experience in recovering debts for our clients.  We understand that in order for your business to be financially stable, you have to be paid by your customers in a timely fashion.  We can assist you by reviewing and strengthening your existing precedent contracts such as supply agreements, credit applications and director personal guarantees, to ensure you have the best chance of recovering outstanding amounts owing to you.  We can also assist you in recovering the debts already owing to you.

We assist with all aspects of debt recovery, starting with the letters of demand, all the way through to obtaining and enforcing judgments.

We can assist you with:

  • Letters of Demand
  • Drafting Statements of Claim and commencing legal proceedings
  • Preparing evidence
  • Appearing at Court for directions hearings or final hearings
  • Enforcing judgments, including:

    –   Writs for Levy of Property
    –   Garnishee Orders on bank account, debts or wages
    –   Examination Summonses and Examination Orders
    –   Bankruptcy Notices
    –   Creditor’s Petitions
    –   Statutory Demands
    –   Winding Up Applications